DENVER (CBS4) – If you’ve spent any length of time in Colorado, there’s no doubt you’ve heard that it snows just about every Halloween.

Well, does it?

The truth is, it depends on how you define snow on Halloween.

Let’s take a look at the last 60 years of weather data for Denver.

There have only been eight times where measurable snow fell on Halloween which is about 13 percent of the time.

Add in the number of Halloween days where no snow fell but there was already snow on the ground from a previous storm and our total jumps to 16, or about 27 percent of the time.

Add in the number of times at least a trace of snow fell on the day after Halloween and the total jumps to 37, or roughly 62 percent of the time.

Finally, add in the number of Halloween days with at least of trace of rainfall but no snow and the total jumps to 49, or about 82 percent of the time.

Even though it doesn’t actually snow much on Halloween, there is often either rain on that day, snow on the ground, or snow the day after, so no wonder we associate snow with Halloween.

The last time Denver saw snow on Halloween was in 2004 with 1.4 inches measured in Stapleton.

The most snow in Denver on Halloween fell in 1972 with eight inches recorded.


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