GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) – A judge on Friday set the bond for an escaped Jefferson County jail inmate at $100,000, a day after the fugitive was nabbed in Boulder.

Travis Sandlin, 32, is accused of stealing several cars and credit cards while on the run. Law enforcement and SWAT officers captured Sandlin in a vacant house on the outskirts of Boulder on Thursday after he crashed a getaway vehicle he’d stolen.

He was on the run for 10 days after squeezing through a busted grate at the jail and jumping down onto a roof.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said it’s evaluating security after Sandlin was able to sneak out of the jail during an outdoor recreational period with other inmates.

He has an extensive criminal history, including convictions on drugs, weapons and car theft charges. He is also a registered sex offender stemming from a Peeping Tom incident in 2003.

A victim in the crime spree said the thief gained access to her garage by using the garage door opener in her car.

“I’ve had to install an alarm system,” she said. “If there’s any weird noises, it scares me. I don’t ever watch the news and turned the news on … and saw that he escaped. We were holed up in my house all day. You lose your piece of mind when something like that happens.

“It’s baffling to me that he could be gone and still be in the city, doing the crimes he did and not get caught for 11 days.”


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