LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – A sharp-eyed CBS4 viewer helped an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran recover his stolen truck.

The last time CBS4 viewers saw the stolen truck was last Sunday in a picture. Fast forward one week later and Blake Biggs, an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran from Lakewood, has his truck back after an alert CBS4 viewer notified Wheat Ridge police.

Blake Biggs shakes hands with CBS4's Howard Nathan (credit: CBS)

Blake Biggs shakes hands with CBS4’s Howard Nathan (credit: CBS)

“They said an anonymous caller drove by they said they saw the truck on the news that was stolen,” Biggs said.

The truck was only seven miles away from the Biggs’ home in Lakewood in the back of the American Motel off Interstate 70 and Kipling Street.

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Biggs served as a medic in Iraq and Afghanistan. He told CBS4 last Sunday how having his truck stolen aggravated the anxiety that comes with his post-traumatic stress disorder. Peace of mind, however, is still hard to come by.

“Still a little anxious, still worried because there was no sign of forced entry,” Biggs said.

He is left to wonder how someone might’ve learned he had a truck that’s popular with car thieves.

“Thank you for the viewers and thank you for CBS4,” Biggs said.


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