LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – An Army veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan came home on Saturday and made a disheartening discovery — someone had stolen his pickup truck – a white 2006 Ford Ranger.

Blake Biggs is honorably discharged and now he’s coping with veterans’ benefits and the VA, and one thing more he doesn’t need.

“I’ve been to war over there and I don’t want to fight wars here,” Biggs said.

Biggs came home to Lakewood suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Having his truck stolen from in front of his house damages his ability to cope with his PTSD.

“My security is gone again, my safety blanket, my sense of just safe is just gone; just because someone decided they want to rip my truck off,” he said.

Veterans with PTSD say it’s hard to predict what might trigger feelings of anxiety.

“For me it’s just that feeling of unknown that comes back to me,” Biggs said.

Biggs was a combat medic. He explained that his PTSD is the same disorder as someone serving in the infantry, but the experiences are different, and so are the feelings. So now, with his prized possession stolen, he’s been robbed in another way.

“My sense of security and feeling safe is just gone,” he said.

Blake Biggs's 2006 Ford Ranger (credit: CBS)

Blake Biggs’s 2006 Ford Ranger (credit: CBS)

Biggs’ white 2006 Ford Ranger has a dent on the driver’s side door and a “Punisher” logo on the back window with Colorado plates 494-OQN. The truck may have an old Georgia license plate in the rear bed.

"The Punisher" emblem (credit: CBS)

“The Punisher” emblem (credit: CBS)

“I just want my truck back, it’s a lot to me,” Biggs said. “I work from home as well and I can’t get to school without it. I can’t go see my kids who live out of state without my vehicle.”

Blake made the point of saying he’s not so concerned with arresting the thief, he’s hoping someone has seen it and calls the police.


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