JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A high school teacher in Jefferson County’s school system is speaking out about the controversy over how history is taught.

Stephanie Rossi currently teaches Advanced Placement history at Wheat Ridge High School. She’s also the vice president of the Jefferson County Education Association.

Rossi says she was insulted by last week’s proposed changes to the AP American history curriculum that would emphasize patriotism and de-emphasize civil disobedience. Some conservatives have criticized the framework as relying too heavily on learning about class conflict.

As CBS News reported Thursday morning, Colorado is one of six states where local school boards — as opposed to the state’s board of education — can change a district’s curriculum.

“If we can’t talk about the struggles that people go through in history to gain a greater equality, a greater America, how can we convey a true story and convey a complete picture to our students,” Rossi told CBS News.

Students have been staging protests at various high schools in Jefferson County each morning since late last week, and teachers at two high schools staged a sick out last Friday.

Superintendent Dan McMinimee has been meeting with students at the schools and has been urging them to stay in school and avoid more days of walkouts.

The issue has been tabled for now and could come back up some time next month.

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