DENVER (CBS4) – Denver city leaders will consider this week whether to make it against the law to make hash oil at home, a process that can lead to explosive results.

There have been dozens of explosions at houses due to extraction of THC from marijuana in the Denver metro area since recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado. Eight have been reported in Denver this year.

In the home hash oil making process, unstable elements are used to extract THC — marijuana’s active ingredient — which then creates a potent oil or butter that is odorless and can be smoked, cooked or vaped.

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Flammable gases can build up when solvents like butane or acetone are used, and an explosion can occur when the room is not vented properly.

“Butane is a highly flammable gas and it will collect in a home and if it’s not properly ventilated it can be triggered just by a spark of static electricity,” said Ashley Kilroy, Executive Director of Marijuana Policy for the city of Denver.

The ordinance would make it so only licensed professionals can make hash oil in Denver. It would allow the much safer but slower process of using water-based or food-based methods.

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If passed, violaters of the ordinance could be fined $1,000 and face a year in jail.

Kilroy will present the measure to the Denver City Council on Tuesday afternoon. Public comments will be taken during the meeting.

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