WINDSOR, Colo. (CBS4)– Gun rights activists gathered outside a library in Windsor to protest the policy that no guns are allowed inside.

The board of the library heard from both sides of the issue. Some library users said they don’t want weapons allowed inside. Gun owners said the law must be followed.

A sign posted outside the library states guns are prohibited in the library except by law enforcement officers.

Erika Sattler said last week she was asked to leave her weapon in the car after someone apparently spotted her gun on her person while she was inside the library.

“I had a handgun holstered on my belt, concealed,” said Sattler. “I have a right to defend my children where ever I go.”

The group Rocky Mountain Gun Owners sent the library a cease and desist order stating concealed weapons must be allowed under state law.

“We are having to tell the library district board they have no right to do this ban. In fact, we’ll continue carrying in their facility as we always have,” said Rocky Mountain Gun Owners spokesman Dudley Brown.

The issue was not on the agenda at the library board meeting but came up during the period for public comments.

“Don’t endanger other people by carrying a weapon so you can be a hero if something happens. Personally I don’t want a vigilante without any training, taking it upon themselves to defend the people who regularly work and use this library facility,” said one woman at the meeting.


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