ESTES PARK, Colo. (CBS4)– People living in Estes Park want help from Colorado to build a new community center. They believe the lack of such a place became quite apparent after last year’s devastating flooding.

The group behind the project delivered a letter with more than 1,000 signatures to Gov. John Hickenlooper asking for a $17 million grant to build the center.

The town said the proposed space would not only be a recreation facility but also an evacuation center during emergencies.

Flooding in Estes Park (credit: CBS)

Flooding in Estes Park (credit: CBS)

“Our kids need a spot to go year-round. To be able to draw a community together. It’s an opportunity in a generational perspective for young and old to mingle and learn from each other on a daily basis,” said Estes Park Kristen Berg.

Those behind the project said a community center would have been extremely beneficial during last fall’s flooding when people had to leave their homes but had nowhere to go.


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