DENVER (CBS4) – A road construction project at Denver International Airport could lead to frayed nerves and even missed flights for travelers who aren’t prepared.

The project will start on Friday night at 10 p.m. on the south end of the east side bridge that leads passengers out of the airport.

The actual road work will only take a few hours
but the passenger dropoff zone on the east side of the terminal will be completely shut down for approximately 30 hours so the concrete that gets laid down can dry.

“The actual pour will probably take less than an hour, so people may be a little frustrated because they’re going to that it’s closed and not know why, and it’s really just to let that concrete cure, or dry,” said Stu Williams, DIA project manager.

The shutdown is necessary because vibrations from traffic on the bridge could impact the process.

“The bridge has actually been open for about a month and a half, but we have this one last piece that we have to finish,” Williams said.

The closure should have minimal impact, but officials advise travelers to plan to get to the airport extra early.

“We’ll have extra police and flaggers out on level 4 to assist with traffic, but it will be hectic,” Williams said.

During the closure passengers can be dropped off on level 4’s passenger pickup area.


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