FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4)– For the second day in a row all students attending schools in the Poudre School District were let out two hours early. The students were seeking relief from hot, stuffy classrooms lacking air conditioning.

School officials said the heat is just too distracting for students to learn in.

Students get on buses after being released early for hot weather (credit: CBS)

Students get on buses after being released early for hot weather (credit: CBS)

Elementary and middle school students were released from school two hours early. Those classrooms don’t have air conditioning.

“Yeah, cause your legs get all sticky and sweaty,” said student Gabriella Gattanella.

Parents are expressing concerns whether the half days are the best solution.

“Maybe just have a later start date and end date would have been more convenient for everybody,” said parent Sonny Ocheltree.

“I’m fine with it just because I work nights and it’s easy for me to pick up the girls during the day,” said parent Paul Gattanella.

Many parents picking up their children from Bauder Elementary School in Fort Collins said they don’t mind the early dismissal but some worry the shortened schedule means less learning.

Bauder Elementary School Principal Brian Carpenter questions how much students really comprehend when they are distracted. He said early dismissal gives teachers valuable time to plan lessons.

“We’re getting back a lot with these afternoons that we may have been losing instructionally,” said Carpenter.


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