AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Three young males who tried to detonate a pipe bomb near an Aurora middle school on Saturday likely don’t attend the school, officials said Friday.

But the Aurora Fire Department still wants to locate and speak with the suspects because they could qualify for a rehab-like program that teaches kids the dangers of fire and explosives. The program is for kids 8 to 17 who are caught using fire inappropriately.

The pipe bomb was discovered on the southwest side of Mrachek Middle School on Monday, prompting the school’s evacuation. The bomb didn’t explode but burned out. Classes resumed Tuesday.

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The program is aimed at preventing recidivism, the fire department said.

“We interview them and make sure what happened is, in fact, what we know and what their side of the story is,” Wendy Lippman with the Aurora Fire Department said. “We send them either through a Children’s Hospital program to get help for the misuse of fire. Basically, we’re looking for resources to get them where they don’t do it again.”

(credit: Aurora Fire Department)

One of the suspects (credit: Aurora Fire Department)

The Aurora Fire Department says about 100 kids successfully complete the program each year.

Photos from security footage were released Thursday. “Somebody would be able to identify them based on the clarity and quality of the pictures,” Lippman said.

The department is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the suspects’ identification and arrest. Crime Stoppers is offering a separate award up to $2,000. Police have asked anyone with information to call 303-326-8912.


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