DENVER (CBS4) – A grand jury has indicted three people in a racketeering scheme that involved identity and car theft, burglary and other felony charges.

The Denver District Attorney’s Office said Zachary Sebastian “Skip” Bowman, Scott Edward Diehl and Jessica Fox busted into gym lockers, lifted keys, wallets and IDs, and then stole cars and personal information to break into and burglarize homes.

Bowman, 41, and Diehl, 44, are each charged with violating the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act, and committing aggravated motor vehicle theft, theft and identity theft, in addition to other felony charges.

Fox, 27, is charged with conspiracy to commit burglary, identity theft and forgery, and conspiracy to commit numerous other felonies. The trio faces 53 counts.

Diehl is in custody on another charge. Police are still trying to locate Bowman and Fox.

More than 30 people were victimized, the DA said.

The DA’s office said Bowman and Diehl also possessed metal plates for making counterfeit $100 bills, and the group created false documents and used money they gained to finance the use and sale of drugs, including meth.

Bowman, the DA said, is also accused of falsely posing as a U.S. Navy veteran. In a photo obtained by police, Bowman appears to be shaking hands with President Bill Clinton, but authorities say Bowman Photoshopped his head onto a sailor’s body.

Zachary Sebastian (Skip) Bowman shakes hands with President Bill Clinton while allegedly posing as a Navy veteran (credit: CBS)

Zachary Sebastian (Skip) Bowman allegedly Photoshopped this photo to put his head on a sailor’s body as he shakes hands with President Bill Clinton (credit: CBS)

One of the victims said his neighbor’s home was robbed when Diehl, the DA alleges, mistook that home for the initial victim’s.

The family’s storage unit was also plundered.

“I used to have a studio and they stole all of my artwork,” the victim, who didn’t want to be identified, said. Other invaluable items were taken. “The most precious thing they stole was pictures and in those pictures were pictures of my deceased daughter. She died when she was 14, and I’ll never have those back,” she said.

“I just think they have no soul,” the victim said.


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