DENVER (CBS4)– Teachers from Denver Public Schools are making house calls before school starts. They’re trying to improve communication between home and the classroom.

Teachers in Denver aren’t the only ones meeting their students and their parents at home before they get to the classroom, it’s a strategy that’s reaching to other school districts in Colorado.

Denver Public Schools teachers met with students at home before classes began (credit: CBS)

Denver Public Schools teachers met with students at home before classes began (credit: CBS)

The informal and friendly meeting is an opportunity for everyone to ask questions and create a connection that administrators believe is really paying off.

Teachers Danielle Harris and Lisa Young stopped by the Dobbs home to meet CJ, Nicolas and Napolean, along with their mom and dad.

The boys attend Hallett Fundamental Academy in the DPS district.

“For all three of my children, I just want them to be challenged,” said father Corey Dobbs.

“I want them to know that having an education is very important. That’s what is going to get them far in life,” said mother Tiana Thompson.

The teachers say the meetings set the groundwork for the school year so they can work together with parents and students.

DPS adopted the home visit program in 2010 with just five schools. Since then it’s grown to 59 schools.

“What we’re looking at is to close the achievement gap for our students of color,” said program coordinator of the Parent and Teacher Home Visit Program Michelle Mares.

The philosophy is if teachers take time to listen to families’ dreams and expectations then parents will get engaged in schools. The visits are voluntary.

Administrators said they already see better attendance, fewer behavior issues and increased parental involvement they believe will increase the odds of success for students.


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