LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – Boulder county residents had harsh words after the news came out on Tuesday of Alex Midyette’s release from prison to a halfway house.

In high-profile cases, Alex Midyette and his wife Molly were both found guilty on different charges in separate trials following their 10-week-old son Jason’s death in Louisville in March 2006.

Jason died with more than 30 broken bones and a fractured skull.

Molly was found guilty of child abuse resulting in death in December 2007 and sentenced to 16 years in prison. Jurors ruled she failed to seek help for her injured son. Alex, the son of a prominent Boulder developer, was found guilty of criminally negligent child abuse in 2009 and was sentenced to 16 years in prison. He was acquitted of a more serious charge of knowingly or recklessly causing the injuries that led to the boy’s death.

This week CBS4 learned that in March a Boulder community corrections board voted to move Alex Midyette from prison to a halfway house in Longmont. That was despite the stance of the Boulder district attorney’s office, who told the Daily Camera this week they opposed the action.

On Tuesday the staff at the facility on Main Street in Longmont wouldn’t talk to CBS4 about the situation on camera.

Attorney Karen Steinhauser says the move, although unpopular, is not that unusual.

“Things that factor in are a person’s prior record. A person’s risk to the community,” Steinhauser said. “Other factors include how crowded the prison is.”

Stehauser says Midyette underwent a diagnostics test to assess his risk level. She says even though he has been moved to another facility he is still under close watch. And though his parole hearing is set for February, that does not mean he’ll be free soon.

“What I’m seeing is very very seldom on the first try is somebody granted parole,” she said.

As Midyette awaits word on his future, residents like John Woods of Longmont who remember the case are hoping freedom is not an option soon.

“It’s disgusting. It’s not right,” he said. “He was convicted. … Five years isn’t enough time.”

Lindsey Wilke, also a Boulder County resident, similarly expressed dismay.

“It’s just kind of a testament to how screwed up our judicial system is. It’s kind of frustrating,” Wilke said.

Midyette’s wife Molly, who changed her name to Molly Bowers, was released to a halfway house after approximately five years behind bars. CBS4 reports that she is now being supervised with an ankle monitor in the Boulder area.

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  1. Baby Jason, you are in you true fathers arms now. Love that never ceases. The worthless, useless, embarassment to us all, people that you were with, have already been taken care of by your father. We Love you beyond words , my child. xxxooooxxxxoooo

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