LOUISVILLE, Colo. (CBS4) – Imagine not having running water and having to scoop up water from a nearby river that is likely contaminated and drinking it.

That is a reality many families in Nicaragua face. A Boulder County father is working to change that, and his mission starts on a Colorado 14er.

In northern Nicaragua there is a lush jungle of trees and rivers nestled in a valley called Jalapa. One of the biggest hardships for people in the impoverished area is finding water.

“There are still 47,000 people there that don’t have access to clean water there on a daily basis,” said Travis Ramos, a civil engineer from Louisville.

Ramos learned people there collect water laced with disease causing pathogens which sicken families. He started Second Mile Water to help.

“We kind of go in and we try to set up systems that work without us there and that’s both in terms of the infrastructure itself of the water systems but also the supporting structure around that to help it continue to operate into the future,” Ramos said.

The Central American effort starts in Colorado with The Colorado 54. On Saturday, Ramos, along with hundreds of Coloradans who are participating, will climb 14ers across the state and raise money.

A total of $250 ensures a family has access to healthy water.

“If we can give people the opportunity to have adventure, to create community together and have a positive impact on the world then it’s a win-win,” Ramos he said.

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You can still create a climbing team to hike a 14er on Saturday or donate to the cause. Go to


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