EADS, Colo. (CBS4)– The small town of Eads in Kiowa County is waiting to declare a state of emergency until they receive a full assessment of the storm damage from this week’s rain storms.

Storms bringing heavy rain overwhelmed Eads on Tuesday, Kiowa County Sheriff Casey Sheridan said some roads were cut off by water measuring four feet in some areas.

Ten roads were completely blocked off and more than a dozen homes flooded after the rain storm. For several hours it was too dangerous for anyone in the town with a population of 900 to be outside.

County Road 40 damage in Eads. (credit: Kiowa Co. Sheriff)

County Road 40 damage in Eads. (credit: Kiowa Co. Sheriff)

“We just didn’t know what to do. We had so much rain so fast and it just didn’t let up. It truly felt like a monsoon,” said Sheridan.

The storm washed away chunks of County Road 40 when a culvert became plugged and the water found another way around, taking portions of the roadway with it.

With only four people on staff, the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office is struggling to know how much the rain destroyed.

“We’re still assessing. The road and bridge crews are doing what they can. They’ll be able to get on top of it when the water recedes past where it is,” said Sheridan.