WINDSOR, Colo. (CBS4) – The 3 1/2 inches of rain that fell on Windsor Tuesday proved to be too much for the district’s schools.

Trash bags were filled with ruined ceiling tiles that crews had to rip out because there was too much water to salvage them at Windsor Middle School.

Damage at Windsor Middle School (credit: CBS)

Damage at Windsor Middle School (credit: CBS)

Rainfall was so heavy and hit so quickly on Tuesday that water came in through the roof and up through the floors, according to Principal Eric Johnson.

The high school and elementary schools also reported water damage, but the middle school is the oldest building in the district and sustained the heaviest damage. There was water in at least six classrooms and all three building wings.

“If I had a big umbrella I could go up there and put on the roof, I probably would. But at the same time we have to sort of mitigate what we can now and really hope that the forecast either pushes it around us or that it’s not as bad as they’re saying it might be,” Johnson said.

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Outside, relentless rain turned the school’s lawn into a lake.

“It’s just a little valley, it’s not very deep. You can stand up to about your chest in it, and yeah, kids just walk through it to go to lunch and stuff,” Windsor High School student Jakeb Gallagher said.

Johnson said this is the second year in a row monsoon rains are causing problems.

“It’s unfortunate that we know a lot about this process because we have to go through it every once in a while, but they’ll work hard to get this cleaned up and ready for school in two weeks,” he said.

Heavy rain also leaked through the roof at the Tolmar’s Planned Manufacturing site near Highway 257. The storm knocked tree limbs onto a pickup truck along 1st Street between Elm and Locust. Police say basements there flooded after rain filled window wells.

Worst of rain may not yet be over and cleanup crews are on call all day.

So far the damage should not delay the opening of Windsor Middle School when students return on Aug. 14.


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