DENVER (CBS4) – Police and fire patrols have been out on the streets keeping an eye out for dangerous illegal fireworks that can harm people and property.

Several fires in the past 24 hours were likely caused by fireworks in the Denver metro area. One fire broke out near Monaco Parkway and Jewell Avenue in southeast Denver.

Through the weekend police and fire agencies have added patrols trying to put a stop to illegal firework shows.

Another fire outside a different home burned out of control just moments after teens lit a bottle rocket and it flew into bushes.

“As I came past this window … you could see just a sheet of fire,” a homeowner said.

Luckily the only damage was to the paint on an overhang because neighbors, including Luke Schumm, grabbed extinguishers and hoses to knock the fire down.

“I think, ‘Wow, we’re lucky no one got hurt and lucky we were able to see it and react so quickly.” Schumm said.

In Capitol Hill surveillance cameras recorded a dumpster fire early Friday morning. Casey Rizzo had to run out of her apartment.

“I just woke up to someone shouting ‘fire,’ so I opened the door and just got smoke in my face,” Rizzo said.

A dumpster fire in Capitol Hill (credit: CBS)

A dumpster fire in Capitol Hill (credit: CBS)

There were multiple reports of fireworks in the area Thursday night. Fireworks casings were found just a few feet from where the dumpster burned.

While crews investigate, a surge of patrols are looking for illegal fireworks displays, often catching people in the act.

Fire officials hope people leave the fireworks to the professionals. With conditions dry and ready to burn, authorities say they have zero tolerance.

It’s illegal just to possess fireworks in the city’s limits. Getting caught with fireworks can result in a $1,000 fine and even jail time.


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