DENVER (CBS4) – A new study by the University of Colorado Denver that looked at bicycle crashes in Boulder has come just in time for “Bike to Work Wednesday.”

When it comes to bicycles on the streets, there’s safety in numbers. The study found the chance of collisions actually goes down when there are more bikes on the road. And although the study encourages that the more bikers in an area the less likely of an accident, crashes do happen and experts encourage everyone to be vigilant.

Troy Allen shows his bike that was involved in the accident (credit: CBS)

Troy Allen shows his bike that was involved in the accident (credit: CBS)

A cyclist for 30 years, Troy Allen was prepared for nearly anything. He had safety gear, an ID bracelet, and even contact numbers written on his helmet.

“I have a note on my helmet not to remove it if I’m knocked unconscious,” Allen said.

All of which came in handy just a few weeks ago.

“The car had come from behind,” he said.

Riding in a bike line at 78th Avenue and Kipling Street in Arvada, Allen was hit by a car. The driver fled the scene. A passerby called an ambulance and Allen was taken to the hospital bruised and with road rash.

“I was so thankful that he wasn’t hurt worse because he really could have been,” Allen’s wife Dana said.

Allen’s insurance covered his injuries.

“Medical expenses associated with the auto accident, even though you weren’t in your auto, you were a pedestrian or a bicyclist,” Barb Frank with State Farm Insurance said.

His insurance even got him a new bike.

“It’s a very typical coverage under a homeowners or renters or condo policy,” Frank said.

Allen said he harbors no hard feelings for the person responsible.

“It was not the right thing to do, but they are going to have to deal with that,” he said.

All he cares about is getting back to biking as soon as he can.

“I hope I get on my bike and that same person drives by me and I can just smile at them,” Allen said.

The Allens still don’t know the identity of the person who hit him. All they found from the scene was a piece of a maroon bumper.

There are all kinds of events planned for Bike to Work Wednesday. Denver Public Works is hosting a huge breakfast station at Civic Center Park from 6:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. and there are dozens of other stations across the Front Range.

Denver’s B-cycles will be free all day.



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