DENVER (CBS4) – A book signing, two recent visits to a swing state and a Ready for Hillary super PAC seem to be disguising one thing: a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

But the former senator and secretary of state stopped well short, again, of announcing her candidacy while in Denver this week.

So her supporters insinuated it for her.

“She’s probably going to be our next president,” Jim Bates said.

The Arvada resident stood seventh in line — alongside 1,100 others — at Clinton’s book signing at the Tattered Cover on Colfax Avenue on Monday. Clinton, former President Bill Clinton and their daughter, Chelsea, are in Colorado for a three-day CGI America event, part of the Clinton Global Initiative’s broader work. It’s her second visit to Denver in a month.

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She didn’t give interviews, but she’s insisted at other media events she’s hasn’t made a decision. Her daughter is pregnant, and she’s said she wants to wait until after her grandchild is born to make a decision. Chelsea Clinton’s baby is expected this fall.

Hillary Clinton at the book signing (credit: CBS)

Hillary Clinton at the book signing (credit: CBS)

Parked outside the bookstore, the super PAC’s giant blue-and-red bus belied the idea Monday’s stop was a mere book signing. Buttons — both of the “Hillary Clinton 2016” and “Clinton 2016 Madam President” variety — and posters with a #READY hashtag seemed to scream a presidential bid. The super PAC, which has no connection to Clinton, has raised $6 million.

Buttons supporting Clinton (credit: CBS)

Buttons supporting Clinton (credit: CBS)

Supporters spoke about a nascent campaign, too.

“I think that was her goal for a long time, and I think she’s going to reach that,” Joan Caranna of Denver said.

Clinton’s career as first lady, senator and secretary of state suggested a presidential run to Steve Bates, a Highlands Ranch resident.

“I think she’s had a pretty storied career,” he said. “If she’s worth her salt, she’s learned a lot since 2000 and particularly 2008 when it was just not her turn. Without jinxing anything, I would look forward to her being a fabulous president.”

The first female president is a draw, too, for some.

“That’s pretty heady stuff,” Bates said. “It’s hard to ignore.”

The Ready for Hillary super PAC bus (credit: CBS)

The Ready for Hillary super PAC bus (credit: CBS)

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