CARBONDALE, Colo. (CBS4) – A mountain biker suspects sabotage after finding two plywood boards with nails jutting upward on a popular mountain trail near Carbondale.

Cyclist Colin Osborne discovered one board with 15 nails on the Skill Saw trail southeast of Carbondale, between Glenwood Springs and Aspen.

He told CBS4 he thought someone might have been building a ramp when he noticed a second camouflaged board.

“When I got farther up the other trail, only about 10 minutes later, and saw the other one that was definitely disguised and planted there, it was pretty clear it was sabotage,” Osborne said. “It will definitely destroy your tire, your wheel. If it got picked up around the back of your fork, you could go over the handlebars and break a collarbone. If you’re a runner, you would be in pretty bad shape.



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