IDAHO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Investigators in Idaho Springs say a young mother’s elaborate plan to have her ex-boyfriend killed was thwarted when the intended hit man went to police.

That man allegedly recorded at least seven separate conversations where Haley Stanfield, 20, of Idaho Springs, told him how to commit the murder without being caught. The plot was one Stanfield allegedly thought was perfect, as long as she didn’t have to be involved.

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Police records show Stanfield asked the man to kill Josh Olsen in late May.

Haley Stanfield (credit: Facebook)

Haley Stanfield (credit: Facebook)

Both Olsen and Stanfield are under investigation for child abuse that led to the death of Stanfield’s 15-month-old son Logan Borchik.

 Haley Stanfield with Logan Borchik (credit: CBS)

Haley Stanfield with Logan Borchik (credit: CBS)

On May 6, Olsen called paramedics to a home in Idaho Springs on a report that the toddler was choking. Stanfield was at work at the time. Upon arrival, paramedics found other injuries on Borchik.

Corey Olsen had been letting Stanfield live at the home for two weeks.

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“I thought she needed help is what I thought. Who doesn’t help people when they need help?” she told CBS4.

Corey Olsen wasn’t home during the incident. She says after Borchik died, Stanfield seemed fine and even comforted Josh days later.

“She never blamed him, not once,” she said. “She never asked him what happened. She was always (said) ‘Don’t cry Josh. It will be okay. We’ll work through this.’ They weren’t even together at the time.”

But records show Stanfield was actively plotting his death. Those plans included giving the would-be killer maps of where Olsen lived.

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Stanfield is being charged with solicitation to commit first degree murder. She is being held in the Clear Creek County Jail on a $50,000 bond.