AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – The Denver chapter of the Better Business Bureau is sending out a warning about a roofing company in Aurora that scammed at least a dozen families in the Denver metro area.

A spokeswoman for the BBB said Green Star Construction promised to fix the roofs of 13 victims. After allegedly targeting hail-damaged homes the company collected large sums of money. The money in some cases included the entire insurance check of the victims.

Then the company either never started or never completed the work.

Each victim lost approximately $5,000.

James Jones on his roof (credit: CBS)

James Jones on his roof (credit: CBS)

Homeowner James Jones and his family gave more than $4,000 to Green Star Construction with the understanding that they would replace his roof.

A few calls and emails were exchanged, and then suddenly he didn’t hear anything anymore and the work never started.

“It was the beginning of April when I began to realize — something’s fishy here,” Jones said. “Then I started calling them every day for about a week-and-a-half, three times a day.

Jones said he plans to take his case to court.

“It was a hard lesson to learn — for me to give them that check ahead of schedule,” he said.

Pavilion Towers, the office building where Green Star Construction was located, still has a sign that the business is there but on the 12th floor Green Star’s office is empty.

A CBS4 crew attempted to interview the owner, Anthony Marquez, but he didn’t answer his phone or respond to knocks on the front door of his home.

“Obviously if I didn’t get the roof done I would like my money back so I can give it to a reputable company that would do the roof,” Jones said.

The BBB has referred the case to authorities. They suggest anyone else who has been scammed by the company contact the attorney general’s office or the district attorney.



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