FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – One Front Range town will start spraying for mosquitoes on Wednesday as the concern over the West Nile virus grows.

Mosquitoes carrying the virus have already been found in Adams, Boulder, Delta, Mesa and Weld counties. Many counties are sending out an early alarm because West Nile has been detected about a month early this year.

Two of three Weld County zones tested positive this week for the virus. Some experts warn this could be a particularly bad season with a large amount of mosquitoes.

Dominic Rose with Colorado Mosquito Control sets traps at the Prospect Ponds Natural Area off Prospect Road in Fort Collins.

“Once they see that light there’s a little bit of suction that will suck them up into the center here,” Rose said.

Experts like Rose say high temperatures and above average snow and rainfall this year make conditions ripe for a large mosquito population – and, perhaps, a dangerous one.

“Take precautions, avoid getting caught by mosquitoes. That’s the bottom line,” Eric Aakko with the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment said.

Humans get West Nile virus from mosquitoes that have bitten infected birds.

Leaders in Longmont announced the town will start spraying to kill mosquitoes on Wednesday. Boulder County and the city of Evans plan to start spraying soon, while testing continues in Fort Collins.

“We’ll leave this overnight, come back first thing in the morning, pick it up and take it back to the lab to identify the mosquitoes that we’ve collected,” Rose said.

The results from the lab will be released on Thursday.

LINK: West Nile Virus Facts


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