High Winds, Heavy Rain Batter Hugo

HUGO, Colo.  (CBS4) – Winds approaching 111 mph, hail and heavy rain heavily damaged parts of Hugo, a Lincoln County town south of Interstate 70 late Wednesday.

The storm, whose winds approached that of an F2 tornado, leveled a barn as its owner took cover from the storm, protecting herself with a mattress in her bathtub.

“I called my husband, my kids and told them I loved them because I didn’t know what was going to happen,” resident Jennie Hoefler said. “The sound was (horrific).”

The National Weather Service is trying to determine whether a tornado struck other parts of Lincoln County. The storm downed trees and overturned a semi-truck, sending its occupant to a hospital with minor injuries.

Lincoln County officials said the damage was mostly limited to trees and cars. Residents began cleaning up Thursday with chainsaws and construction equipment.

“Nothing like this has gone through town before,” resident Terina Ensign told CBS4. “Hopefully it won’t again.”




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