AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A carjacking suspect was taken into custody Tuesday evening after a police chase began near an Aurora Home Depot, wove through residential streets, veered into wrong-way interstate traffic and ended in a jam-packed rush hour.

According to police, the chase began at Interstate 225 and Mississippi Avenue when police tried to pull over a suspect in an armed robbery and carjacking in which a van was taken. Security guards at the Home Depot may have tried stopping the suspect in the parking lot.

During the chase, the suspect eventually got on I-25, driving north. He then exited at Hampden Avenue and then got back on the highway, going the wrong way in the southbound lanes.

The suspect led police through residential southeast Denver, including Holly and Ivy streets, where police attempted a pit maneuver. There, the suspect momentarily lost control of the stolen vehicle.

The chase ended at I-25 and Evans Avenue in Denver just before 6 p.m. According to Aurora police, the suspect’s vehicle got stuck in traffic during rush hour.

Officers took the suspect into custody while he was trying to carjack a second car facing the right direction on I-25.

“He saw two cars pulled over on the off ramp. One of them was broken down. He was trying to carjack that car as well. A Good Samaritan had stopped to help that car,” said Aurora Police Spokesman Frank Fania.

Police said the suspect appeared to be under a drug-influenced seizure at the time.

Nobody was injured. The attempted carjack victims were visibly shaken.

The name of the suspect hasn’t been released. Police said he’s in his mid-20s.


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