GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4) – The flooding at Island Grove Park in Greeley only tells part of the story. The Cache La Poudre River is over its banks in several places, and as temperatures rise and more snow melts, flooding is increasing in Larimer and Weld counties.

Many of the areas in Greeley that are underwater, such as Island Grove Park Stadium, are not places that typically experience flooding. They are areas that last September’s flooding spared.

Flooding in Timnath (credit: Lauren DiSpirito)

Flooding in Timnath (credit: Lauren DiSpirito)

In Timnath, water surrounds a home off Main Street and Harmony Road. The Poudre River is also over its banks there, sending rushing water through a family’s back and front yard and cutting off their driveway.

Flooding is also forcing the closure of parts of Main Street in Timnath.

Flooding in Windsor (credit: Lauren DiSpirito)

Flooding in Windsor (credit: Lauren DiSpirito)

In Windsor, police are ticketing drivers who ignore road closure signs, such as some drivers on Highway 257 near the Poudre Heights subdivision. Homes there also lost power on Tuesday.

There are road closures near the Pelican Lakes community where water filled the community’s golf course, moving closer to homes.

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The rising water at the Greeley Stampede grounds has created a race to stop it before the historic rodeo gets underway.

“This is incredible. What you see behind us and all around us is something that a lot of folks haven’t seen in quite some time,” said Frank Garcia, Island Grove Park Tech.

Events for the historic yearly rodeo get underway in days, but the stadium’s support grounds, parking lots and horse stalls are underwater.

Standing water caused problems for cattle owners taking part in a dairy show. Topanga McBride of Severance says the animals are more susceptible to West Nile virus.

“These animals are some of the most important things to us, and we want to keep our animals safe,” McBride said. “(Her cow has) got some pretty bad bug bites already and they can contract diseases, things like that too.”

Garcia worries if conditions do not dry up soon, pools of contaminated flood water will turn into fertile breeding ground for mosquitos.

“The heat and the water just are kind of a nasty combination for that,” he said.

Greeley Stampede events kick off this weekend with a tractor pull. Unless flood waters recede, park workers say they may have to cancel the event.

For more evacuation information, visit Greeley’s flood information page or call (970) 304-6444 for details about conditions in specific flood-prone areas.

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