BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – Despite all the flood warnings and recent thunderstorms across Colorado wildfire season has arrived. This year fire crews in one mountain community are working to prevent scenes like last year from happening.

“Scenario starts with a lightning strike a little bit near a neighborhood on Forest Service land,” Skip Berbauer with Red White and Blue Fire said.

Inside the command center dozens of organizations came together for what is a very real theat. In Friday’s scenario a fire started just north of the Peak 7 neighborhood in Breckenridge, and the fire was creeping toward homes.

“One of our big threats in the area is wildland fire as it is in most of Colorado. So we put together these exercises so we can go through the steps we need to in order to successfully mitigate a wildland fire,” Berbauer said.

It’s not just a threat, but a reality of living in the mountains like has been seen so many times before.

“There’s a good chance a fire could start because we’ve had severe beetle kill up here,” Berbauer said. “The scenario is realistic and we’re making it approach a subdivision because we want to try to learn during the scenarios than learn on an actual incident.”

The drill continued on Saturday.


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