ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – The owner of a dog mauled to death by an off-the-leash pit bull says Animal Control is partly to blame.

On Tuesday several people gathered in Englewood to rally for Sebastian. The dog was killed last week at a 7-Eleven.

Sebastian (credit: Eileen Trujillo)

Sebastian (credit: Eileen Trujillo)

The dog’s owner, Eileen Trujillo, witnessed the attack. She says she wants to see the pit bull’s owner held responsible, along with Animal Control. She says officers should have caught the loose dog.

“It could have been a child, you know, if that dog was vicious, it was going to attack whoever. You know Sebastian was just the unlucky one,” Trujillo said.

“The city needs to file this as a criminal case. The owner needs to be held accountable,” activist Jeffrey Justice said.

The pit bull was quarantined for several days, but is now back with its owner. The owner is expected to appear in court next month.

Someone has donated a new puppy to Trujillo. She says the puppy is helping her cope with the Sebastian’s death.


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