PINON, Colo. (AP) – Two people are dead after a car crashed into a moped on a rural stretch of Interstate 25 in southern Colorado.

The crash happened Thursday night about 15 miles north of Pueblo. Sgt. J.R. Mullins said the moped’s driver, 51-year-old Darren Capanna of Pueblo, was riding in the middle of the right lane, apparently without any lights, when he was rear ended by a Volkswagen Golf. Capanna was killed but the Volkswagen driver wasn’t injured.

Another driver who tried to avoid the wreck, 61-year-old Diane Hayes of Pueblo, was also killed. Her two passengers were seriously injured.

The posted speed limit there is 75 mph.

It is legal to ride low-powered scooters on Colorado’s highways but drivers are supposed to stay as far to the right as possible.

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