DENVER (CBS4)– As much as 8 inches of hail was piled up in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood after severe storms hit Colorado on Wednesday afternoon.

The size of the ice pellets ranged in from pea-sized to marble-sized in the neighborhood near 33rd and Olive.

CBS4's Kelly Werthmann in piles of hail in the Park Hill neighborhood (credit: CBS)

CBS4’s Kelly Werthmann in piles of hail in the Park Hill neighborhood (credit: CBS)

The hail covered most of the yards in that neighborhood but didn’t seem to cause a lot of major damage. The most obvious damage was a lot of leaves that had been stripped from trees and stuck to the ground and several vehicles.

The hail and debris also clogged storm drains that caused some street flooding. Tuesday’s severe storms also brought heavy rain and hail which meant the ground was already saturated when Wednesday afternoon’s storm hit.

When the hail started to melt those storm drains became overwhelmed and that caused standing water to build up in some intersections.

Firefighters say to stay away from standing water and don’t attempt to drive through it. The water may be too deep to allow your car to cross safely; move to higher ground.

Excessive runoff from heavy rainfall will cause elevated levels on small creeks and streams and ponding of water in urban areas, highways, streets and underpasses as well as other poor drainage areas and low-lying spots.