ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – A family dachshund was attacked and killed by a pit bull in a convenience store parking lot and now the dog’s owners are upset the pit bull is back home.

The attack happened at a 7-Eleven in Englewood Friday night. The owner of the dog that was attacked says while her dog was on a leash and doing nothing wrong, the other dog was loose without a collar and its owner was nowhere in sight.

Sebastian (credit: Eileen Trujillo)

Sebastian (credit: Eileen Trujillo)

Like most family dogs, Sebastian was more than just a pet to Eileen Trujillo.

“I never owned a dog like that — ever, ever, ever,” Trujillo said. “He was such a good puppy; he was a smart little dog.”

The 10-year-old dog was a member of the family.

“My husband said he grabbed him by the throat and everybody, like five people, trying to take him off,” Trujillo said.

But despite the best efforts of everyone to scare the pit bull off, Trujillo’s dachshund didn’t survive the attack.

“It was terrible, and I kept saying, ‘Come here my puppy, come here Sebastian,’ maybe he’d come back to me.”

The pit bull’s owners eventually showed up at the 7-Eleven and told police it had escaped their yard.

“If you’re going to own a dog, you’ve got to be responsible for that dog. You can’t let him run lose, especially a dog like that,” Trujillo said.

The pit bull’s owners were cited but the pit bull is now back in their care.

“What if he gets loose again? This time it could be a kid or a person.”

Trujillo says life without Sebastian just isn’t the same.

“I miss him so bad. I still hear him barking. I’ll never be able to replace my puppy.”

The pit bull’s owners are due in municipal court for a hearing in June.


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