DENVER (CBS4) – The DU Pioneers lacrosse program is just a baby compared to the “blue bloods” on the East Coast who have been dominating the sport at the college level for decades, but the team is rising to national prominence.

The Pioneers are headed to their third Final Four in the last four years, and a major reason for that is head coach Bill Tierney, CBS4’s guest on Xfinity Monday Live.

“We have been chipping away at it and we’ve had some really good results against some of the top teams during the last three or four years,” he said.

Tierney says the Atlantic Coast Conference teams are “known to be the big boys of lacrosse” and that DU has a good record against teams from the conference.

DU will meet Duke in the semifinals on Saturday, and if they win they will advance to the national title game on Monday.

“Duke is big and physical, as you might expect an ACC team,” Tierney said.

DU lost 14-10 to Duke in their second game of the year, but Tierney pointed out that they have beaten them in three of the last four meetings.

“It’s going to be an exciting game,” Tierney said.

See more video with Bill Tierney in the Xfinity Monday Live section.


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