HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. (CBS4) – People living in one part of Highlands Ranch were horrified by what they saw spray painted up and down a jogging path.

The threatening and disturbing graffiti was in an area where there is a school, a park, a running path and a dog park.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

One message said “Kill Cops” and there were anti-semitic and anti-Christian messages. Some of the graffiti bashed gays and many of the messages were so profane CBS4 couldn’t show them.

“Just shocked and devastated to see this. So disappointing to see whoever is out there causing so much damage and hurtful things,” a resident said.

It wasn’t just a small section of the path that was impacted — the messages went on for yards and yards.

“Highlands Ranch is much smarter than this … yet these people will still be running around in darkness trying to pretend they have an opinion,” another resident said.

Before noon on Monday crews were using a spray paint thinner to rid the path of the graffiti.

“We estimate the damage for this park at just over $5,000 for repairs and to clean it,” Sherry Eppers with the Highlands Ranch Metro District said.

Police say they have some good leads, including potential surveillance video of the suspects.

“The wording is more than inappropriate and obviously it damages property,” Sgt. Ron Hanavan with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department said.

Residents say they won’t bring their children there until all of the insulting sentiments and curse words are gone.


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