BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – Neighbors are opposing a marijuana greenhouse planned near farms in Boulder County.

Next door to the Cure Organic Farm, a place where children come for education, is where a 16,000 square-foot greenhouse may be built to grow marijuana. Paul Cure is leading a fight against it.

“The main reason is that the applicant is a person who is under federal investigation and his last operation was raided by federal agents,” said Cure.

Pantera Properties is listed as the applicant property owner with the name of Laszlo Bagi. He was listed last November as one of the targets of a federal investigation involving Colorado’s marijuana industry. His property was raided but he has not been charged.

Boulder County Land Use Department Director Dale Case says the greenhouse review does not include the applicant’s background.

“It looks at the merits of the project, it’s a land use review, looks at the land use impacts of that proposal,” said Case.

Mark Johnson, who has a nearby business, says the application should be decided on its merits.

“I don’t want to judge someone based on an investigation, specifically by the feds,” said Johnson.

However, he does oppose the greenhouse.

“I know the marijuana operations do put off a smell and that’s concerning. Not everyone in Boulder is pro pot, and I don’t want to jeopardize my customer base,” said Johnson.

Cure believes children, roosters and pigs don’t go with pot.

“It’s not something that I want in my backyard. It’s tough to say that anyone would like a 16,000 square-foot greenhouse in their backyard with security guards,” Cure said.

An agent on behalf of the greenhouse application said the light will be blocked and ventilation will handle the smell.

Bagi had no comment when and aide was contacted by CBS4.


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