LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – The woman who drove right into a school bus is talking about what she saw the moments before impact.

Ashlie Dickerson’s car was wedged under the school bus. She says she was driving her normal route to work but she normally doesn’t see a bus in that area. But when turned onto the typical road she takes she said she was overwhelmed by sun glare.

The driver of the car was seriously injured in this crash with a Poudre School District bus on Friday morning (credit: CBS)

The driver of the car was seriously injured in this crash with a Poudre School District bus on Friday morning (credit: CBS)

“You’ve got sun right there on the horizon, That’s all I can remember up to the accident,” said Dickerson.

Dickerson’s injures only begin to tell her story of survival. What could have happened to the 24-year-old when her car smashed into the back of the bus makes her injures pale in comparison.

“I’m lucky to be alive and God obviously has more plans for me,” Dickerson said.

Colorado State Patrol has cited Dickerson with “inattentive” or careless driving.

The student is thankful and grateful no children on the bus were seriously hurt.

The bus was stopped with it’s amber lights on, waiting to pick up a student when Dickerson slammed into the back of it going about 55 mph.

“I’m awfully lucky. Someone is watching out for me and for the kids,” said Dickerson.

“The kids, they said, were okay and I hope they’re not too traumatized by it.”

CBS4’s Jennifer Brice asked Dickerson if she was at all distracted.

“No, I got my phone that says I never texted at all that day and the only calls were from my boss saying, ‘Where the Hell are you?’ ” Dickerson said.

She says she provided those records to troopers to prove she wasn’t on her phone and she doesn’t even have a radio in her car.

Dickerson hopes the images of the crash can remind all drivers to be careful, put phones down and remember that life can be short.

“Don’t take life for granted,” she said.

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