DENVER (CBS4) – A Denver community is responding after homeowners received racist and anti-Semitic letters.

People in Denver’s Whittier neighborhood spoke out on Monday about the letters received over the weekend.

Neighbors are going to go to every home that got a racist letter and replace it with one of their own replacing a hateful message with something positive.

“We’re going to stand against hate and promote a neighborhood of unity,” said neighbor Jason Jan.

The note singled out one homeowner and was littered with racial slurs.

Its target is an 81-year-old woman who is a foster parent that’s been living in the area for years.

“I don’t bother anybody, my kids don’t bother anybody,” she said.

The safety of her children is her biggest concern.

“Right now they won’t be going outside,” she said.

Her neighbors are standing behind her and say they’re not going to let these words make waves in their community.

“She should not be afraid for her kids to walk to school, she should not be afraid to leave her house this is a neighborhood where we are going to stand for safety,” said Jan.

Officers kept a close watch on the woman’s home on Sunday and several patrol cars were parked outside again on Monday.

Denver Police are investigating this as a possible hate crime.


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