LOGAN COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – “Sandless” sandbags are helping communities across Colorado prepare for the possibility of flooding.

The main difference between traditional sandbags and the new sacks is the prep work.

The manufacturer says that having no sand to fill makes them a better last-minute safeguard when there’s little notice that water is coming down.

On Monday afternoon in Fort Collins emergency management leaders from Logan County loaded up their trailers with sandbags that don’t actually require sand.

This year the American Red Cross spent about $30,000 buying bags for Northern Colorado’s flood-stricken communities.

“I think it’s awesome, I love technology and this is, just, it’s amazing,” said Sterling Fire Chief Kurt Vogel.

The company, “Flood Sax,” claims its product can stop rushing water the same way traditional sandbags work.

But instead of needing to fill and lift the sandless bag uses silicone technology to absorb water and expand.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“Sandbags have their place, but they’re just very labor intensive, that’s where these Flood Saxs come in handy,” said Bob Owens from Logan County Emergency Management.

Flood Sax run about $10 a bag, nearly double the cost of buying and filling real sandbags.

Red Cross leader Adam Rae says Flood Sax are worth the cost because they are easier to deploy.

“This is a quick, easy thing that I can store in my closet, put up against the door if the flood waters come,” said Rae.

Officials plan to use the sandless bags to shore up city and county buildings, which are places that could be turned into shelters during a flood.