AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates has advised his bosses that he has applied for a job as a police chief in South Florida.

“I can confirm that he applied,” Aurora City Manager Skip Noe told CBS4 Tuesday afternoon.

Noe said Oates was being considered for a Chief’s job in the Miami area but he wasn’t sure what department.

Noe said Oates informed him recently of the possible job move. Oates did not respond to inquiries from CBS4.

Oates has been Aurora’s Chief since 2005. He began his career with the New York City Police Department spending 21 years there.

He went on to serve as Chief in Ann Arbor, Michigan before taking the Aurora Chief’s job.

Oates has a law degree and oversees a department of 642 sworn officers with 778 total employees

Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan also told CBS4, “All I have been told is Oates was interviewed.”

Hogan said he had no additional information.

One subordinate of Oates’ who asked his name not be used said Oates told his colleagues Tuesday he had been receiving a lot of media inquiries about his future, but was not at liberty to comment on his plans.

Oates has been receptive to other job possibilities in recent years.

Noe said Oates was a finalist for the Chief’s job in San Jose, Ca. but did not get the position.

Oates also expressed interest in the Denver Police Department Chief’s job when it was last open, before it was filled by Robert White.


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