MORRISON, Colo. (CBS4) – The rain held off for Sunday morning’s Easter Sunrise Service at Red Rocks and thousands enjoyed the celebration.

They came for different reasons.

“We wanted to do something that was absolutely different,” Ingrid Stuebner said.

For the experience.

“It was everything I hoped for from a spiritual experience with the sunrise and the crowd,” Eddie Malenk said.

To the message.

“I loved the preacher he was so amazing. I want to go to his church now,” Jackie Christakos said.

And family traditions.

“This is actually my third time and last year we came with the family,” an attendee said. “So we are trying to make it a family and Colorado tradition.”

PHOTO GALLERY: Easter Sunrise Service At Red Rocks

Ten-thousand Easter early risers packed Red Rocks for the non-denominational service with a sermon by Superintendent Patrick Demmer.

“He just moved everybody, he had me in tears,” Christakos said. “A really good message about love and Christians acting like Christians.”

The Colorado Council of Churches sponsors the event and it was free to the public, but costs $20,000 to put on every year.

While families say the early wakeup call and traffic may not have been ideal, they all agreed it was worth it.

“How people let people cut in front of them. They were truly Christian in their driving today,” an attendee said.

As the tradition concluded its 67th year, attendees from first timers to regulars say they’ll be coming back for years to come.

“It’s just an amazing place to be and when they do the song ‘Amazing Grace’ it pulls it all together,” an attendee said.

Those who would like to help fund the service can do so through the Colorado Council of Churches.