PUEBLO, Colo. (CBS4) – One of the National Youth Ambassadors for “Fuel Up To Play 60” is doing her best to promote healthy eating and staying active.

“It’s completely changed my life and the lives of those around me,” said National Youth Ambassador Kayleen Khosla.

She’s been with the program since sixth grade and now she’s in 10th.

“You can’t really know me without knowing about Fuel Up To Play 60,” she said.

Kayleen is one of only nine National Youth Ambassadors in the country and the only one who’s head a special message from her mentor, billionaire Warren Buffet.

“So at the end he got on his knee and proposed to me,” said Kayleen.

Of course it was a joke, but all joking aside Kayleen takes her ambassadorship very seriously.

“It’s great to know that something I could say could influence someone else,” she said.

“It’s pretty neat to see kids take initiative for their own personal health and wellness,” said Charles Hay World School Physical Education teacher Kristal Kostiew.

Kostiew said she loves that Fuel Up To Play 60 teaches adults as well as children how to lead the way.

“We have students moving in the classroom; we have older kids coming into younger kids’ PE classes to help model what it should look like,” said Kostiew.

It’s not just about moving your body, it’s what you put in your body too and that’s where Kayleen has been leading the way in her life. She says her friends confess to her when they do eat junk food.

“Whenever we go out they admit to not really eating healthy,” she said.

Kayleen’s message to kids as well as her friends is snacks matter. That is the same message that the Western Dairy Association is getting out across the nation.

“There are so many low-fat options and snacks with dairy. You have yogurt, you’ve got cheese and you’ve got your milks,” said Western Dairy Association Board Member Jim.

Jim is also sixth generation dairy farmer and he says he is proud that a 16-year-old from Pueblo is leading the way.

“To have students lead the program and have ambassadors like Kayleen. I wish we had thousands of Kayleens,” said Jim.

LINK: Fuel Up To Play 60 Website


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