FRISCO, Colo. (CBS4) – A group interested in keeping skiers and snowboarders safe in Colorado’s backcountry is trying to raise more money for the Colorado Avalanche Information Center.

The group behind are in the midst of a massive fundraising effort.

“It’s the end of next season and a tough time to fundraise for the avalanche center, but what we’re really trying to do is get people to invest in next year,” spokesman Aaron Carlson said.

They have only about one more week to reach $150,000.

“We set a pretty high goal of $150,000. Right now we just broke $70,000 today. I’m pretty confident in the next two weeks that we can get enough people to jump on board,” Carlson explained.

Dr. Ethan Greene (credit: CBS)

Dr. Ethan Greene (credit: CBS)

“For the avalanche program and the backcountry part of it, about half of it is paid for through donations,” Dr. Ethan Greene, CAIC Executive Director, told CBS4.

The $150,000 would go towards more avalanche forecasters, website improvements and an avalanche forecasting app.

“If we keep pooling our money we can create the best avalanche center in the world. Which is what Colorado needs,” Carlson said.

Greene said they are hoping to hire more people so they can have enough forecasters to cover “the very large area of Colorado that they are responsible for.”

So far, almost 600 people have pitched in, and a few corporations have also helped boost the number.

“We’ve really been all over the board, from the $10 donor up to the $1,000 donor,” Carlson said.

The campaign will continue to go on through April 30, but say they will do whatever they can to keep improving avalanche information throughout the state.

There is still an above average snowpack in the mountains and some ski resorts have extended their seasons due to all the great snow.


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