VAIL, Colo. (CBS4) – Olympic gold medal winner skier Lindsey Vonn went undercover as a Vail employee.

Vonn was wearing a baseball cap and glasses and was selling passes to guests at the ski resort.

She tries to get customers to buy the Epic Pass.

Vonn seems to drop some hints to unsuspecting customers of who she really is. She told one couple that her name is Lindsey; she tells visitors from Chicago that she is from Minnesota; and tells another she tore her ACL after he said he recently tore his.

As she was telling one male customer that Lindsey Vonn may be on the mountain, he responded by telling her that she “looks like her.”

She even speaks German to a couple visiting from there.  When the couple ask her if she has ever been to Germany, she told them yes, but spent more time in Austria.

One guest actually recognized her and admitted to his dreams he had about her. “Nice,” Vonn responded. “That’s super creepy.”

A crew was outside the office and told them it was Lindsey Vonn behind the counter after they made their purchases.

“Can I go back in and say ‘hi’ to her?,” one man asks.


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