AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Police say two suspects are claiming they won the lottery in order to scam money out of innocent people.

The man and woman claim they won the lottery and will share the winnings, but need some help first.

Police believe the couple is connected to two cases in Aurora and another one in Fort Collins.

Aurora police say surveillance video from a Goodwill store on Colfax Avenue shows the latest victim walking out with the two suspects.

Authorities say the suspects target Spanish speaking people, asking for help claiming they are undocumented and need to pay taxes on the lottery winnings.

In return they say they’ll share a portion of the winnings.

Luis Bernal’s mother was shopping at Goodwill when she was approached.

“This lady came to her, telling her a story that she had a lottery ticket but needed someone to cash it for her cause she didn’t have any papers,” said Bernal.

Aurora Police say the woman even acts like she doesn’t know her partner in crime to make it seem more authentic.

“The male suspect then takes the lottery ticket that the female produces and calls a number and says yes, this is a winning ticket,” said Aurora Police Sgt. Chris Amsler.

One victim says she fell for it while shopping at a Sprouts store.

She took the couple to her bank and withdrew $11,000.

Then the female suspect asked her for a favor, a bottle of water from Sprouts to quench her thirst.

The female suspect was left in the car with the woman’s money.

“I came back out with the water for the three of us and she was gone and he was gone,” said the victim.

“Never trust anyone who comes up to you and asks you for money. It’s the old adage – if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not true,” said Amsler.

Police are asking anyone with information to please contact them.


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