DENVER (CBS4) – A Denver police technician who was ordered suspended last month for violating department rules had downloaded and stored 589 nude or semi-nude images of women on his department cellphone. That information is contained in a Denver police internal affairs investigation that was obtained Tuesday by CBS4.

“I inappropriately used my police telephone to store images of nude and partially nude adult females,” said Technician John White on March 19 after receiving news of his 10-day suspension without pay. “While none of the pictures were taken by me, what is on my phone is my responsibility. I deeply regret any hurt or embarrassment my actions may have caused.”

At the time, White, who served as a department public information officer, did not describe the volume of images, what triggered the internal affairs investigation, or how involved the investigation was.

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However, the documents obtained by CBS4 show an extensive investigation was conducted into numerous allegations of misconduct. Only one rule violation was sustained — that of inappropriately using his department phone to access and store what the investigation described as “sexually explicit images.”

The probe began on Nov. 8, 2013. A former girlfriend filed a complaint with the police department saying she and White repeatedly had sex in White’s department issued car both on duty and off duty.

“We would pull up on the street and oral sex would happen. Things would happen. All sorts of stuff like that. We would do it all the time,” the woman told investigators.

Questioned by investigators, White adamantly denied having sex in his city car.

“No sir. No. Absolutely not,” White said.

His police vehicle was processed by the DPD crime lab as part of the investigation. Investigators say they did not discover semen in White’s vehicle and the woman’s assertions of sex in the department vehicle could not be sustained.

She also told investigators that she once accompanied White to the DPD Service Center so he could have a flat tire repaired. There, she said the two engaged in sex in the facility bathroom.

“I sent him a picture of myself in the bathroom. And he came into the bathroom. There was stuff that happened in the bathroom,” she said.

Technician White denied having sex with the woman in the service center bathroom and the accusation was deemed “unfounded.” But the investigation did extract from White’s cellphone a photo of the woman in the service center bathroom as she had described.

An audit of White’s city cellphone also yielded 29 text messages sent by White that were described by investigators as “varying degrees of sexual overtone.” In one sent last November, White texted, “Can’t wait to taste your skin.” It’s unclear who he was sending the message to.

In another text message, White texted an unknown recipient, “Nothing better than a nice hard round booty :-)).” On Aug. 29, 2013, White used his department phone to text someone, “Gonna spank that little tushy :-)).”

White’s unpaid 10-day suspension is scheduled to commence April 20.

Reached by phone Tuesday afternoon, White said, “I just want to move on. I really want to move on.”