LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – Lakewood police investigating the prime suspect in a homicide added first degree murder to an arrest record with a common theme.

The suspect, Timothy Baca, 40, is in custody and accused of killing his mother.

Since 1999 Baca had been arrested 10 times for assault, twice with a deadly weapon, all but one in Denver and the other in Lakewood.

According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation the last assault took place in April 2013 which included a notation about serious bodily injury.

However that case was dismissed for an unknown reason.

Early Friday morning police visited the 1300 block of Everett Court and looked inside the home Baca shared with his 65-year-old mother Bernice Medina.

“When they made entry, they found a deceased female inside,” said Steve Hipwell from Lakewood Police.

Police investigating her death caught a break while visiting a family member on King Street in Denver.

“Our investigators went there to talk to his family members, perhaps about Mr. Baca’s whereabouts and just coincidentally he was there,” said Hipwell.

Police say he had a knife and was not taken into custody quietly.

“They attempted to take the suspect into custody when they did that and there was a brief skirmish between our two investigators and the suspect. Two investigators suffered some minor superficial cuts on their hand as a result of a knife the suspect had,” said Hipwell.

Lakewood police are not saying exactly how they believe the son killed his own mother.

Baca is now in the Jefferson County Jail.


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