DENVER (CBS4) – RTD is telling parents that strollers are only allowed on board if they’re folded up.

The goal of the new rule is to keep space clear for people with disabilities.

It now requires anyone with a large item such as a stroller to fold it up before they board the bus.

This new requirement has parents like Natalia Devlin rethinking their family’s schedule.

“Wherever we go whether it’s story time at the library or to go to see Sasha’s doctor, we need the bus,” said Devlin.

Her family can’t afford a car so an RTD bus and a stroller are their primary modes of transportation.

However with the new regulations, she is wondering how she can wrangle a stroller and her two small children.

“I would have to take out my baby and fold the stroller. Where does the baby go? Give it to a stranger? Put the baby on a bench,” said Devlin.

RTD spokesman Scott Reed said a lawsuit triggered the changes.

It claimed the agency had violated the Americans with Disabilities Act so RTD agreed to keep priority seats and the aisles open.

“This will help ensure that anyone with disabilities who boards a bus will have full access to the area that is reserved by law for persons with disabilities,” said Reed.

He says bus operators will help passengers with small children when necessary.

Devlin says she applauds the efforts but doesn’t think it should come at the expense of families.

“I don’t think that persons with strollers are villains. They don’t deserve to be treated like second class. They deserve to be on the bus as well,” said Devlin.

Fliers are now being handed out to riders with children that says large strollers that cant’s be collapsed and stored won’t be allowed on the bus at all.


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