DENVER (CBS4) – Lotus Group Advisors are leading the way in both planning for tomorrow and investing in the community.

“There’s been this concept that it’s greater later; deferred lifestyle,” said Andy Seth form Lotus Group Advisors.

Seth is one of the managing partners of Lotus Group Advisors for those who may not be millionaires yet but want to be philanthropists now.

“We’re leading the way because we have access to information insights strategies that are only reserved for people that are ultra wealthy and were able to bring that to the everyday person,” said Seth.

Seth explains that the lotus flower is the company’s logo because it’s the only flower that grows out of swamp water.

“And swamp water is dirty,” said Seth.

It’s that dirty water that represents the struggle and stress of having to manage money.

“You want to provide education for your kids. You want to go and do good things, but you also want the insurance policy on your future,” said Seth.

They are a small company with very big ideas and even have investment opportunities for all incomes.

“We have different strategies based on different asset levels so that the person who has $50,000 should never be in the similar strategy as someone with $150,000,” said Seth.

The same is true when it comes to Lotus Group Advisors investing in the community.

Seth is involved with organizations like Minds Matter of Denver and Kipp Colorado Schools.

“It’s important for me to give back to the community because I’m the beneficiary of other people who gave,” said Seth.

He also knows the value of an education having earned $250,000 in scholarships.

“I went to Culver Military Academy and Boston College on full rides. That’s why I give back to the exact same kind of kids, low income, hard working, wants to achieve in life. That’s what I know I can help with,” said Seth.

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