OURAY COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Friends and family are mourning five people that were killed in a plane crash in Ouray County.

The five killed were a boyfriend, girlfriend, her two children and another child that was a cousin.

The group was heading to Montrose from Alabama because it was spring break for the children.

The plane crashed about 50 miles away from the airport on into the Ridgway Reservoir on Saturday.

Rescue crews from around the state flocked to Ridgway State Park on Sunday for what’s now being called a recovery mission.

“We brought in Side Scan Sonar from the Division of Parks and Wildlife and a dive team from National Park Service in Gunnison,” said Ouray County Sheriff Dominic Mattivi.

Crews pinpointed the wreckage 65 feet underwater in the murky reservoir.

“We’ve been able to locate the plane. It appears to be pretty much intact, it’s missing the tale section but the wings are intact,” said Mattivi. “We were a little concerned about that but visibility is like five to 10 feet.”

Divers will inspect the wreckage to examine how many people are still inside the fuselage, if any. However it could be as late as Thursday before the wreckage can be brought to the surface.

“They specialize in plane recovery, so obviously they know what they’re doing,” said Mattivi.

Sunday night a pair of vigils was held in Gadsen, Ala. for the victims.

“Xander and Kobe were all boy — 100 percent through and through. Athletic, pranksters, whatever sport there was, they played it,” said the former principal of the kids’ school.

Eye witnesses said they heard the engine before they saw it descend from the clouds in a flat spin.