DENVER (CBS4) – According to a recent study, Denver ranks first for the highest average tip for an individual city at 16.8 percent.

The study was conducted by the pay service Square.

”Those numbers are pretty consistent with what we’ve found,” Michael McCall, a professor at Ithaca college who specializes in consumer behavior, told Quartz. “The average tip was once about 15 percent, but it’s creeping up towards 20percent.”

Researchers analyzed how much customers tipped when paying with credit card.

Colorado had the second highest rate of tippers among states at 60.8 percent. Illinois had the highest rate of the 50 states at 61.1.

The average tip is 16.1 percent. People from Alaska tip the highest, at 17 percent.

Delaware is the stingiest as the average tip is only 14 percent, and only 38 percent tip, according to the study.

“There are certain cultural norms that develop across the country in terms of tipping,” McCall said.


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